Genital Warfare

by Clark Cunt

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One day, I woke up from my culturally induced coma
and realized that I didn't have to conform to societal pressures.
Parents, teachers, doctors, clergymen -
even other women...
They all told me the same thing.

"Sit down to pee," they said.
As if it meant something.

Awake for the first time,
I continued on with my day,
Determined to stand up with pride;
Determined to stand up and pee.

Later on I came across a man
who was being particularly unruly.
"This is it," I thought.
"This is your chance."

I pushed him aside,
knocked him to the ground,
and started undoing my trousers.

He looks up at me,
draped in a thick confusion;
I almost felt sorry for him.
But I whipped out my vagina
and started peeing nonetheless...
Triumphantly letting loose years of oppression in one solid stream.

It bounced off his face
As he wriggled in disgust.
He tried to say something,
And I pissed in his mouth.

I felt liberated.
Yet drained.
I finally understood what it meant to be a man.
To harness the power of urine
without resorting to a submissive position.
To stand tall, proud, and urinating.
The yellow spray of energy
charging through my body,
down my spine
and out my urethra.
The rush.

I will never sit down to pee again...
not as long as I have the strength to stand.
And until all women in the world stand together -
urinating in perfect harmony -
we will always be treated as second class citizens.
We will always be told to have a seat.

Piss on their seat.
The same way they've always pissed on ours.
I will no longer urinate in submission.


released September 5, 2016

Drum Cunt
Bass Cunt
Guitar Cunt
Vocal Cunt

All songs written by Clark Cunt
Recorded and mixed at Brain Damage Studios
Produced by Clark Cunt
Cover art by Chucky Hendershot



all rights reserved


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