The Sound of Urban Decay

by Al Bundie's Army

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This is the album that broke Al Bundie's Army. The production was grueling, the release was botched, and the resulting tour was mostly a failure. The band went on hiatus only a month after its release.

They were pushing themselves pretty hard. And musically, it shows. This is a far cry from their beginnings as a pop punk band.

"The Sound of Urban Decay" blends punk rock sensibilities, power metal guitar riffs, and prog rock arrangements into a stew of frustrations with the modern world. The guitar work is intricate, and the production is complex. But the record is raw and walks a fine line between genres... lying somewhere in the space between Bad Religion and Iron Maiden.


released December 27, 2015

Sam Evans - bass, vocals
Adam Gaines - guitar
Chris Shofa - drums
Todd Parker - vocals, guitar, keys

Recorded at Brain Damage Studios
Produced by Todd Parker
All songs written by Al Bundie's Army




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Track Name: Judgement Day
(words and music by Todd Parker)

Through a rift in the fabric of space and time
Two machines are sent back to the past
Sent to find a future leader in our present day
One to kill, and the other protect

It's liquid metal versus obsolete machinery
Conflicting programs in mechanical worlds

(There is no such thing as destiny
Nothing in this world is meant to be)

No fate but what we make for ourselves

Fighting hard to prevent us from judgement day
Stop the future by preventing it now
It won't be long until sky net is self-aware
Humans beings race to figure it out

The future's bleak when you're facing an apocalypse
Even bleaker if you've done it before

(There is no such thing as destiny
Nothing in this world is meant to be)

No fate but what we make for ourselves

Hasta la vista, baby
Track Name: Anthems of the Working Poor
(words by Todd Parker, music by Adam Gaines)

A gross abuse of power
Paid pennies by the hour
A living wage is only fair
The status quo is in desrepair
So don't feed your bullshit to me

The growing gap between rich and poor
Brings things into focus
We work harder while they make more
Like we didn't notice

This is a way of life we're fighting for
This isn't just a strike
(This is war)
Not gonna take it from you anymore
We're barely getting by
(This is war)
This is an anthem for the working poor
This is our battlecry
(This is war)
Our minds are weary and our bodies sore
But this is our fight
(This is war)

We are the working poor

When classes disappear
A revolution's near
You'll only do what's right
When it helps your bottom line
Track Name: The Killing Joke
(words and music by Sam Evans)

You lose your grip and I've lost my mind
Now everything is fine
And as I sit here, I think
Well maybe I've found mine

There's something out there calling me and I,
I can hear it cry
If I don't go out looking for it, I
think that I might die

So now I sit here bleeding out
Everything to see
I'm sorry I can't let you in
But you're not here for me

And every time I get too close there's
Laughter in my head
A sorry little chuckle
Reminding me I'm dead

Food is scarce and dreams are dumb when
You can't pay your rent
I've seen the system of complete control and
I can't help but resent

The problem lies in everyone
Completely buying in
All of you should give up on it and
Try to start again

All it takes is just one bad day to
Send me on my way
That's how far I am from you
Just one lonely bad day

And I'm just gonna keep laughing
Track Name: Ancient Lies
(words by Todd Parker, music by Adam Gaines)

Fuck your faith in god
It will screw us all
And you'll watch it fall

He won't intervene
He won't answer prayer
Cause he isn't there

I know you believe
But we can't survive
A modern world with ancient lies

There is no free will
If there's grand design
What a waste of time

How can you find hope
When your patron saint
Decides your fate

This is no praradise
But if there is no afterlife
Then I'm afraid this world is all we have

I know you believe
But we can't survive
A modern world with ancient lies
Track Name: No Right to Rule
(words by Todd Parker, music by Adam Gaines)

They blazed into our land with swords already drawn
Before we knew it, they had claimed it for their own
Tonight's the night we launch a calculated strike
We'll take back all that once was ours and reinstate our pride

'Cause you
You have no right
No right to rule

'Cause you have no right
No right to rule
Track Name: Resignation
(words and music by Todd Parker)

I feel so pathetic
I'm wasting all my time pursuing daydreams
And life's to short to waste it
But we all know I'll never be anything
But a failure

I've giving thought to quitting
Frustration's got me backed against a wall
But who would I be kidding?
I don't know when to quit at all
I'm a failure

That's it
I quit
Never doing anything again
Track Name: A Crack in the Stairs
(words and music by Todd Parker)

Winter was cold and dragged on too long
But I wish the summer had come and gone
Swampy mosquitoes and musty air
There's a crack in the staircase I can't repair

I grow more and more bitter each day
But I guess I shouldn't complain
I'm a man of my word
But nobody hears what I say

Summer brings disturbing dreams
Summer feels so cold
I just want a dreamless sleep
Guess I'm getting old
Something from the other side
Is staring back at me
Bleak reflections in its eyes
Gleaming yellow teeth

I have been dreaming of running in place
From a man in a suit with a skeleton's face
Nightmares and panic, I wake up in sweat
He's showing me thing I would rather forget

He who bites the hand that feeds
Must be locked a way
But someday, when the wall concedes
He will have his day
Sadness looms as flowers bloom
Permeates the air
Seeping into vacant rooms
Summer brought despair

I have been dreaming of running in place
From a man in a suit with a skeleton's face
Nightmares and panic, I wake up in sweat
He's showing me thing I would rather forget

Madness escaping the crack in the stairs
Infecting my world as it drifts through the air
I am not one for succumbing to fear
But I just can't tell what is happening here

I am a prisoner in my own home
Crippled, defenseless and all along
Gas fumes and cigarettes and an ancient curse
The crack in the stairway is getting worse

Well I never was good with words
Now I'm plotting the end of the Earth
'Cause if I get the chance, I've gotta get out of this place
Track Name: The Tragedy of White Flight
(words and music by Todd Parker)

Drive through a broken city
Watching it struggle every weak
A city in need of something
Momentum is getting hard to beat
The tension is always building
Simmering there with no release
But there's an anger burning
When times are tough on every street

Urban sprawl has made us weak
Urban sprawl will bring defeat

There is a sharp division
There is mistrust and bigotry
There is a strong resentment
There is a bitter history
They never fixed the problems
They just got up and moved away
Now cities are boiling over
And suburbs are starting to decay

Urban sprawl has made us weak
Urban sprawl will bring defeat

Running from the headlines
Running from the petty crimes
Clean it up another time
The tragedy of white flight

We can stop this pending crisis

Plans are all set
To raise the rent
Change the tenant's

Ten empty houses in a row
Families with nowhere else to go
Eviction notice on the door
Punished again for being poor

If there's an answer, I don't know
There's people buying city blocks with the intent to watch them fall
What kind of men are in control?
And how disconnected can they get
Before we put a stop to it?

Hey! White flight!

Discrepancies are much clearer
When they're not down dead end streets
There would be much less fear
If we questioned our beliefs